Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spongebob Squarepants - S01E01b - Reef Blower

Squidward walks outside and sees a shell on his lawn. He believes that it ruins the appearance of his lawn, so he pretends to accidentally kick it onto SpongeBob's lawn. Suddenly, SpongeBob pops out of his window and sees the shell. Trying to clean his lawn, SpongeBob takes his "reef blower" (an underwater version of a leaf blower) and starts to blow away the tiny shell. But the only thing he blows is a large column of sand landing onto Squidward. To fix this problem, SpongeBob blows the sand off, which irritates Squidward's eyes. SpongeBob peers over at his sidewalk and sees a pile of sand. He then sucks the pile of sand into the reef blower, which malfunctions. The sand and a few mechanical gears blow out. So, SpongeBob unzips the reef blower and puts them in himself. When the reef blower refuses to start, SpongeBob pulls the cord to an extreme distance and it finally starts. However, it sucks in all of the water. The reef blower then explodes, leaving piles of sand all over Squidward's lawn, while SpongeBob's lawn is perfectly clean. Satisfied, SpongeBob goes back inside, while the shell lands on Squidward's nose.

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